Sunday, December 28, 2008


Sorry we didnt give you a heads up on this one, but Joe Flizzow and brother DJ Iman performed for the Hitz FM CLUB HITZ PARTY held at BarCelona, Sunway last night. Other acts included Pop Shuvit, DJ Uno, One Buck Short. Here are some photos of Joe and Iman....Kartello Hello!Pictures from yzinternational, manager to  Joe Flizzow

Friday, December 26, 2008

REMIX adds flavor to your existing club nights

"Remix, is an event that adds flavor to your existing club nights. Bringing you mo hype, mo swag and mo music"

REMIX  created by Joe Flizzow and hosted by Kartelhitmen ( is designed to add more to an existing club night. The key to REMIX (and there is only one of its kind in Malaysia!) is  the fact that Kartelhitmen DJs and MCs will touring wherever it goes

Its all in the mix
On a REMIX night, you'll get not one but more like three Kartelhitmen DJS on deck to tear up your night as only they can. Superstar DJS T-Bone, Biggie, Cza will guarantee you not leave the floor whiles MCS like Syze and Fendi will work to pump up your energy levels to catastrophic heights.  Any clubber would know these names and the kind of music and sound they bring every time they're on, so you know its going to be some party everytime REMIX is added to a night! 

Joe Flizzow himself, will be heading up the line-up and is set to perform special preview performances  of his album, The President. 

Check out REMIX
Expect to see REMIX added to existing clubs nights in KL from December 08 onwards.  It launched last night (25th December 2008) at Maison KL with Remix presents Urban Republic, next event is TONIGHT (26th December 2008) with Lollipop Remix at Mist club. Remix your club nights!


ZOOM MALAYSIA (Music Video) - Joe Flizzow feat Noryn Aziz and KLG Sqwad

It's out people. The music video for Zoom Malaysia (Tourism Malaysia campaign).

Monday, November 10, 2008

Joe Flizzow on Latte@8

Joe talks to Jason Lo about his new album President, introduces brother DJ Iman (whom Jason likens to Barack Obama), his recent performance at Cipinang prison and his plans with Kartel records. Joe also performs Do It Duit at the end of the segment.

DJ Iman, "Yes We Can"
Joe Flizzow with DJ Iman performing his single "Do It Duit"

Thanks to 8TV for inviting Joe, particularly Rina Omar for giving it up!

p.s We tried to re-size this but did not succeed. If you want to watch it properly, go to, click on Catch Up TV on look for Latte8, EPISODE 13

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Joe Flizzow & ZOOM! Malaysia

Just a day back from Jakarta and Joe Flizzow is already hard at work at 7am, on Tuesday for the launching of Zoom! Malaysia's advertising campaign with mediaprima

Ming(KLG), Joe Flizzow, Noryn Aziz and Balan (KLG)
Joe Flizzow produced the thematic song, 'Zoom!' for the campaign which he features in with Noryn Aziz and KLG Sqwad. All three were there to perform the song at the launch as seen below.

Zoom! - Joe Flizzow feat Noryn Aziz and KLG Sqwad

Zoom! Malaysia is a Tourism Malaysia campaign, endorsed by the Minister of Tourism, YB Dato' Sri Azalina Othman which aims to promote and develop domestic tourism. Right now Tourism Malaysia is going through several advertising exercises to promote Zoom! Malaysia which was why they launched their advertising campaign with mediaprima yesterday (4th Nov) as TV3 and 8TV will be showing their support by running capsules (short videos) just before their news segments from now till March 2009.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cipinang International Hip Hop Festival 2008

This was truly HISTORIC event - a hip hop festival held in prison! Joe Flizzow with DJ Cza and MC Syze were invited to join this very special event. 

From far left: MC Syze, DJ Cza and Joe Flizzow

The event's unique prison set up attracted a lot of interest and was covered well by the Indonesian media. Here are some of the many articles we found online. There's lots more, just google Cipinang International Hip Hop Festival.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Joe Flizzow heads out to Indonesia this November: History in the Making

Kartello Hello!

Check this out, Joe will be supporting the HipHop Festival @ LP Cipinang, Jakarta, inconjunction with Hari Sumpah Pemuda.. Saturday, Nov 1st 2008.


Joe Flizzow, MC Syze n DJ Cza.


Soul ID.



Arief (Tofu)

Diplomats International.


Sweet Martabak.

Batik Tribe.


Faro anak Motor.

Sonic SquadAjib.

Dance Performances by:B-Boy Indo

Exibition by:Local Graffity Writers.

DJs:DJ Ethnic (Trigger Production)DJ Schizo (Freesoul/X2)

MC by:Alex Abbad.

Media Supported by:

Free! Magazine.

Trans TV.


Global TV.

Host:Tukul Arwana.

Indah Kalalo.

Aimee Juliette.

Aimee Rachael.

Alexandra Gottardo.

Melissa n DJ Dimaz.

Eron Lebang.

Sara Wijayanto.

Mega Augier.

Cinta GudJonsson.

And many more..

Watch this space for more info and updates. Alternatively @!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Joe Flizzow's second facebook account

Joe Flizzow's Facebook profile

Kartello Hello ladies and gents,

I'm typing this from Bangkok where I'm currently participating in the Asian Hip-Hop Festival. It's mad crazy seeing Asia get together in support of real hip-hop and we're all having a blast partying it up with all the hip-hop heads here.

It's been a fantastic and eye-opening experience since I first signed up for a Facebook account. I've reached 5000 friends and apparently this is the limit to an account. That's crazy though... 5000 friends. I want to thank all of you for hooking up on FB with me.

Also, for all you people looking to add me up as friends, I'd be grateful if you could add me on my new account right here:

As I was running a search on the name "Joe Flizzow" on Facebook, I realised that there are a few other accounts that are not mine. I want to let all you friends of mine know that the real Joe Flizz can be found on this account and the one that I linked above.

Aight - that's about all from Bangkok for now.


Joe Flizz.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Joe Flizzow: Featured

Hi all, can't believe its already October. Its been a busy year so far for Joe. Solo album aside, he has also been concentrating in solidifying his business - Kartel Records. which in turn has created a new kind of interest amongst people outside of the entertainment industry. Last September, Joe featured in two publications outside of what his fans would normally see him in, which is why we thought we'd let you in on them incase you missed them.

Men's Folio magazine featured him to talk about style and his music ambitions while Prestige Malaysia, nominated him to be amongst the Top 40 Under 40 edition entitled Poised for Power 2008. 

Here he is in Men's Folio - September issue 2008 (still available in most bookstores in Malaysia). Men's Folio, a men's magazine focusing on lifestyle, fashion and design is also produced internationally for Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia. Joe is featured here with actress Fazura who talk about their individual careers. Joe talks about his solo album The President.

Above: Men's Folio Sept 08 cover
Above: Joe Flizzow pictured with actress Fazura. He wears Loius Vuitton and rocks the Blason 'secret society'  ring   which is from the Blason collection that was designed in collaboration with Pharell Williams. 

He was again featured in Prestige Malaysia's Top 40 Under 40, Poised for Power 2008 edition where he talks about The President, expresses his desires to succeed in the music scene locally and internationally and what motivates him to pursue it. The Top 40 Under 40 edition is a seperate booklet that comes with the September issue. Here are some photos of the issue:
Above: Prestige Top 40 Under 40 Cover (part of)
Above: Artical in booklet

Keep updated with us at joeflizzow.blogspot or better yet, join the Kartel Network. Where you can find everything you need to know about Joe Flizzow and the rest @ Kartel


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Joe Flizzow on KLue TV

Exclusive interview for KLue TV. Check it: Listen to the background music!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Message from Kartel:

"Kartello Hello!

The Kartel Administration is pleased to announce the successful launch of as of September 2008.

Head over to and sign up to be a member of the KartelloHello Network today.

As members, you will be constantly updated with the newest information regarding Joe Flizzow and the Kartel crew. You will also get the chance to interact and network with other fellow members. Build up your pages, post up your songs or videos and join in the various discussion as we usher in a brand new form of social networking in Malaysia.

Joe Flizzow's debut solo album titled President is set to be released in the near future with his first single "Do It Duit" already getting enourmous regional hype.

Thank you for your support. Kartello Hello!

Warm Regards,
David Tee
Kartel Records"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

President taruhan Joe

Oleh Wan Asrudi Wan


PEMINAT mengetahui anggota Too Phat, Joe Flizzow dan Malique kini membawa haluan sendiri dalam kerjaya seni mereka. Bukan berpunca daripada perbalahan atau krisis melanda kumpulan yang popular dengan lagu Alhamdulillah dan Dua Dunia itu.

Sebaliknya tindakan itu dilihat sebagai usaha masing-masing melebarkan sayap dalam dunia seni tanah air. Biarpun lebih sedekad mencapai populariti tersendiri sebagai anggota rap tempatan terunggul selain mampu melakar nama di pentas antarabangsa.

Joe yang ditemui pada majlis pelancaran Gatsby Styling Dance Contest dan website di Planet Hollywood baru-baru ini, berkata dia melihat tindakan itu sebagai jalan terbaik mencapai impian masing-masing.“Kami tidak bergaduh. Kalau ada salah faham antara kami ibarat adik dan abang. Mungkin dalam tempoh perkenalan lebih 10 tahun dan membesar bersama memang ada perselisihan faham kecil tetapi ia mampu diselesaikan.

“Ramai yang menganggap kami tidak bersefahaman. Disebabkan sibuk dengan komitmen masing-masing kami jarang berjumpa dan meluangkan masa melepak bersama. Mungkin disebabkan tumpuan kepada penghasilan album manakala Malique pula sibuk dengan urusannya,” katanya.

Joe turut berkesempatan menghadiri majlis perkahwinan sahabatnya itu di Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia pada 8 Ogos lalu. Mengulas lanjut majlis yang ringkas dan penuh makna itu, Joe berkata majlis itu dihadiri saudara-mara dan rakan rapat.

“Majlis ringkas itu dihadiri lebih kurang 40 tetamu terdiri daripada saudara-mara dan teman terdekat. Ada juga beberapa rakan Too Phat, Dj T-Bone selain rakan-rakan di Jakarta. Ia majlis yang ringkas dan unik berlangsung di tepi pantai,” katanya.

Bercerita perkembangan seni, Joe akan tampil dengan album solo pertamanya berjudul President yang dijangka berada di pasaran penghujung tahun ini.Album yang masih mengekalkan konsep hip hop itu sudah hampir siap dengan 12 lagu dirakamkan termasuk lagu Duit yang dipertaruhkan sebagai single pertamanya. Dia menjangka merakamkan lima lagu bagi melengkapkan album itu. Album berkenaan mengandungi lima lagu versi bahasa Malaysia dan sembilan lagu bagi Inggeris.

Dalam pada itu dia turut memikirkan memulakan pemasaran dalam bentuk digital dan laman web berkaitan dirinya, Jika tiada aral, album berkenaan tidak hanya tertumpu kepada negara sendiri saja sebaliknya dipasarkan di luar negara seperti Singapura, Indonesia, Filipina dan Eropah.

“Album ini bukan satu cubaan sebaliknya sebagai usaha untuk mengukuhkan lagi jenama Joe Flizzow dalam industri. Mungkin juga akan ada kerjasama dengan syarikat korporat dan gabungan bersama beberapa penyanyi. Setakat ini, saya sudah merakam lagu bersama penyanyi Singapura, Hardy Mirza dan akan datang penyanyi rap dari New York, KRS One.
“Jika tiada aral, saya juga akan berduet dengan Amy Search untuk satu lagu (yang belum ditentukan) dalam album ini. Saya juga pernah merancang berduet dengan penyanyi seperti Rihana atau Cris Browne namun atas faktor tertentu dan permintaan bayaran yang terlalu tinggi menyebabkan hasrat berkenaan terpaksa dilupakan,” katanya.Katanya, dia tidak menolak kemungkinan gabungan bersama Malique dapat disaksikan menerusi album Too Phat yang kelima dalam masa dua tahun lagi.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Joe Flizzow will representing Malaysia at the THE ASIAN HIP HOP FESTIVAL this October!

When: 11 Oct 2008, 12pm to 12am

Where: IMPACT Arena, Bangkok, Thailand

Its press release reads:

Thailand – On 11 October 2008, from 12:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., Thaitanium Entertainment, in conjunction with FUPM, Co. Ltd., will proudly host the biggest music event of 2008 – The 1st Annual Asian Hip Hop Festival, which is presented by Toyota Yaris. The Asian Hip Hop Festival boosts an all-star line up of international and regional artists from Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Korea and the U.S.

The Asian Hip Hop Festival is a historic event that is the brain-child of Thaitanium members, Khan, Day and Way. As the pioneers of hip hop and urban music in Thailand, Thaitanium have seen the popularity of hip hop reach epic proportions and wish to bring to Thailand the best from the respective countries represented in this event. Plus, with more and more international artist, such as Jay-Z, 50 Cent and Akon, making Thailand a stop on their World Tours, one of the major aims of this event, which is the first of it kind in Asia, is to solidify Thailand’s place on the global hip hop and urban music stage. Building upon the success of the various U.S. and Asian hip hop groups who are slated to perform at the Festival, this one-day event is expected to attract 15,000 to 20,000 attendees. Thousands will come to enjoy the Urban Culture and Trade Shows, clothing/fashion shows, car shows, and dance competitions and to hear the sounds or see the moves of the hottest artists out of Asia and the United Sates, which includes:

ZEEBRA (Japan)
24 HERBS (Hong Kong)
JOE FLIZZOW (Malaysia)
BEATMATHICS (Philippines)
MC HOT DOG (Taiwan)

This Festival will promote a greater understanding of Asian countries and culture, as well as the growing hip hop movement that is emerging. The Asian Hip Hop Festival’s goal is to promote diversity and showcase the immense talent of hip hop artists who have emerged on the urban music scene in Southeast and Eastern Asia. The purpose is also to connect American hip hop elites with the hip hop elites in Asia. The Festival aims to bring together people from various cultural backgrounds, to promote peace, harmony and unity. Each participating country’s “Hip Hop Ambassador” will showcase their unique musical sound under the banner of the Asian Hip Hop Festival. To further promote this aim, future hip hop festivals are being planned for the U.S. in conjunction with Asian American organizations.

Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent, and with over 4 billion people, it contains more than 60% of the world's human population. Within Asia lays one of the world's top tourist destinations and the location of the 1st Asian Hip Hop Festival - Bangkok, Thailand. Bangkok is the world's 22nd largest city with an estimated population of nearly 15 million people! As such, Bangkok is the best location in the World for Toyota Yaris to present the 1st Annual Hip Hop Festival with Thaitanium as the host.

The latest updates on the 1st Annual Asian Hip Hop Festival:

Fans can visit the official website for more information on Awards related contests and events. The Asian Hip Hop Festival is a music event that will enjoy wide spread media coverage. From television media to radio coverage to printed media in the top magazines in Asia.

Tickets are on sale now:

300/ 500/ 800/ 1,000/ 1,500 and 2,000 Baht

Available at every branch of the Thai Ticket Major:

Info courtesty of YZ International (also one of the sponsors for the Asian Hip Hop Festival)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News Straits Times talks to Joe about The President

(photo from NST article)

"Will Rihanna make Joe Flizzow’s dream come true?

RAPPER-composer-producer Joe Flizzow of Too Phat has every reason to rejoice.
Joe Flizzow is working out a deal for a dream collaboration with Grammy-winner Rihanna in his latest album.

Not only has he enlisted a slew of well-known local and international acts for his latest solo album President, the enterprising man is also considering featuring Grammy winner Rihanna in it.

When contacted, Joe let out a hearty laugh, saying that he’s in the midst of working out the deal.

“It has been my dream to work with Rihanna. A duet featuring Rihanna will be the icing on the cake for the album,” said Flizzow, the founding member of the multiple award-winning rap duo, Too Phat.

If everything goes as planned, it’ll cost him a whopping RM500,000.“It’s still too early to discuss the prospect of working with her. I want to focus on the album first,” he added.

Produced by Kartel Records, President celebrates hip-hop music in diverse forms.For starters, the self-produced album offers easy-listening sounds that fuse rap, R&B, pop and hip-hop accompanied by witty lyrics.

Joe is also collaborating with American rapper KRS-One, who contributed an upbeat hip-hop tune, Get It Done.

“I’m pretty excited about working with KRS-One who is a prominent figure in the American hip-hop landscape. For purists, it’s a bonus to have him in the album,” said Joe, adding that plans are afoot to shoot the Get It Done music video in the United States soon. President also sees him collaborating with local rock legend Amy Search, and Asian Idol and former Singapore Idol Hady Mirza.

“Hady is a good friend and we recorded the song Mengapa Harus Kita Bercinta (Complicated) just after he won the Singapore Idol not too long ago,” said Joe.

The song featuring Amy, who just turned 50 recently, is a “knockout” according to Flizzow. “It’s an honour to work with Amy. I can’t say much about the track yet but I’m sure it’s going to be a hit,” he said.

The album’s first single Do It, Duit will hit the shelves at end of the week.

Joe is arguably one of the most influential and enterprising rappers in the local music scene.

A self-professed perfectionist, he is currently working closely with a group of fans and close friends to ensure the success of President.

“These people are my worst critics and they will be the first to preview the album before its release. I am aiming for it to be a few notches higher than my previous effort,” said Joe, who is representing the country in the Asian Hip Hop Festival in Bangkok on Oct 11. "

Read full article online

Kartelhitmen Launches website

DJ T-Bone launches, further extending the Kartel conglomerate. Log on to find out more! 


Monday, August 4, 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008

Some pictures we found on site. We'll upload some of our own when we get them. MTV Asia Awards was a lot fun actually. The red carpet was quite hectic, big ups to the mosh-pitters who made it so much fun for Joe! The actual show was quite enjoyable to watch (although they could do with a few international Hip Hop acts!). And the post-party, despite it being held at the hotel's food court, turned out to be alright in the end! Well done, MTV Asia.  Look forward to the next one! 

Thank You Louis Vuitton!

Project E.A.R (East Asian Revolution) made out of Dali from Ahli Fiqir(Singapore), Pop Shuvit, Saint Loco (Indonesia), Slapshot (Philippines), Silksounds & Thaitanium (Thailand). They performed a medley of Pop Shuvit's Freakshow and Merbahaya. It  was the best show of the night!!! The celebrities actually got up in the end to give a standing ovation! Moots even did some surfing which was crazy as there weren't many mosh-pitters in the front of the stage to begin with! Check out their performance at the MTV Asia Awards website.

More photos:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

X-Gig - MC Battle

Date: 9th August 2008
Venue: Borneo Rainforest Cafe, opp. Sunway Lagoon Resort
Time: 2-6pm
Tickets: Free admission

Monday, June 30, 2008


Hey all, here are some photos from Urbanscapes 08. As you know, Joe performed at Pentas 2 which was the indoor (and air conditioned!) performance area. It was side by side to the outdoor performance area (KL Pac Lawn), meant for live band performances. We like Pentas 2 though, as it was a good size for a gig-like Hip Hop set-up and had a good vibe to it. We only managed to catch a few of the acts earlier just before Joe's set which included the likes of Phlowtron and Altimet. Joe later performed a selection of fresh tracks, specially customised for Urbanscapes, a preview of his solo music and direction. Brother, DJ Iman was on the decks that day, his last show before he goes back to law school. The crowd although constantly moving in and out of the room gathered and stayed for Joe's set eagerly laughing and interacting with the season performer. A truly enjoyable performance with a "surprise mix" at the end (by DJ Iman) which saw Joe and the crowd chill out and vibe to the sounds Bob Marley's 'Jammin'. DJ Tbone, Joe's turntablist was there to watch Iman as he waited for his turn to spin with DJ Goldfish for Spaceship. Other performances after Joe included Arafah aka Arabyrd and Mc Syze who also gave great individual performances. Some pictures below. Apologies for the poor quality!

Before the show.
"My compulsive color matchin' always got you laughin"
Arafah aka Arabyrd
DJ TBone
Goldfish and Mc Syze
DJ Iman
Joe Flizzow works the crowd
Always nice to see it all in the family. Joe and brother Iman on the decks.
The crowd was great and was extremely responsive to Joe. Good vibes.

Out side, Lap Sap boys - Xu Tag and DJ Blink worked the crowd big time

That's it from Urbanscapes, Sentul West, KL. Thanks for having us!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

URBANSCAPES 2008 - Programme Lineup

We are telling you way in advance. Joe's next event appearance will be at URBANSCAPES.

Check out who else will be performing:

Urbanscapes will be held at KL Pac this 28th June 2008.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joe's interview on Melodi - Joe & F&N

We were told Melodi of TV3 featured Joe in last week's episode 12 June 2008. It was about the recent F&N event and of his limited edition ice cream soda cans (embedded below timecode 10.00 till end of clip).Just to be clear, Joe is not the ambassador for F&N although thank you Melodi for giving him the title! We need to be clear so that we don't offend the good people at F&N. Joe's limited edition ice cream soda cans were produced specially for their campaign "Unleash Your Art" which was a can design competition for grafitti artists.

Above: Joe talks about how good it was for F&N to be supporting creativity and grafitti art. He also talks about his solo album President, Malique's solo album and Too Phat. The original clip can be found on the TV3 website, under CATCH UP TV -Melodi Ep 24, 15 June, Pt 1.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Urbanscapes 2008

We're giving you a 2-week heads up ok. Urbanscapes 2008, 28th June 2008. Joe will be there too so come!