Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Joe Flizzow checks out President in stores!

The attendees at
Speedy Video's outlet - Music Shop (new wing of One Utama) were suprised to find Joe Flizzow in their stores recently!

We're pleased to tell you guys that President can be found in  all music stores in One Utama - new and old wing. We only managed to check out OU for now, but its a indication that you can get his album in all major outlets.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


President can be purchased at Rock Corner, Speedy videos and other major music store outlets in Malaysia.

You can also get them at www.osixnine.com or at their store in Subang. Stock there is limited however they can take orders for you.

Thank you Joe Flizzow and Too Phat fans who have visited this site and given us your comments and insights. Your support has been amazing!

More exclusive Joe Flizzow news will be posted on this blog and at kartellohello.com so do keep dropping by!

Much love and respect.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gua.com.my 2.0 Launch

Joe Flizzow was invited to help launch Gua.com.my's re-vamped website last week on the 9th of Jan 2009. He performed a special version of "Bergerak" (from his album President), with lyrics specifically written for Gua. It was an exclusive which only the media got to listen to but it was much celebrated by the people at Gua. Read this review written by M Zul here. Pictures included in blog.

Photos above are courtesy of Gua .com.my . Go there to see more! There's more of Joe Flizzow and other celebrities.

Thank You GUA for having Joe on that day to celebrate the launch. Much success!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

JOE FLIZZOW @ Youth 09

Joe Flizzow will be at Youth 09 tomorrow (10 Jan 09) @ PWTC. He'll be sharing his experiences in the music business in the National Youth Entrepreneur Convention scheduled at about 3pm. Click on link to know more.

Kartello Hello.