Monday, June 30, 2008


Hey all, here are some photos from Urbanscapes 08. As you know, Joe performed at Pentas 2 which was the indoor (and air conditioned!) performance area. It was side by side to the outdoor performance area (KL Pac Lawn), meant for live band performances. We like Pentas 2 though, as it was a good size for a gig-like Hip Hop set-up and had a good vibe to it. We only managed to catch a few of the acts earlier just before Joe's set which included the likes of Phlowtron and Altimet. Joe later performed a selection of fresh tracks, specially customised for Urbanscapes, a preview of his solo music and direction. Brother, DJ Iman was on the decks that day, his last show before he goes back to law school. The crowd although constantly moving in and out of the room gathered and stayed for Joe's set eagerly laughing and interacting with the season performer. A truly enjoyable performance with a "surprise mix" at the end (by DJ Iman) which saw Joe and the crowd chill out and vibe to the sounds Bob Marley's 'Jammin'. DJ Tbone, Joe's turntablist was there to watch Iman as he waited for his turn to spin with DJ Goldfish for Spaceship. Other performances after Joe included Arafah aka Arabyrd and Mc Syze who also gave great individual performances. Some pictures below. Apologies for the poor quality!

Before the show.
"My compulsive color matchin' always got you laughin"
Arafah aka Arabyrd
DJ TBone
Goldfish and Mc Syze
DJ Iman
Joe Flizzow works the crowd
Always nice to see it all in the family. Joe and brother Iman on the decks.
The crowd was great and was extremely responsive to Joe. Good vibes.

Out side, Lap Sap boys - Xu Tag and DJ Blink worked the crowd big time

That's it from Urbanscapes, Sentul West, KL. Thanks for having us!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

URBANSCAPES 2008 - Programme Lineup

We are telling you way in advance. Joe's next event appearance will be at URBANSCAPES.

Check out who else will be performing:

Urbanscapes will be held at KL Pac this 28th June 2008.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joe's interview on Melodi - Joe & F&N

We were told Melodi of TV3 featured Joe in last week's episode 12 June 2008. It was about the recent F&N event and of his limited edition ice cream soda cans (embedded below timecode 10.00 till end of clip).Just to be clear, Joe is not the ambassador for F&N although thank you Melodi for giving him the title! We need to be clear so that we don't offend the good people at F&N. Joe's limited edition ice cream soda cans were produced specially for their campaign "Unleash Your Art" which was a can design competition for grafitti artists.

Above: Joe talks about how good it was for F&N to be supporting creativity and grafitti art. He also talks about his solo album President, Malique's solo album and Too Phat. The original clip can be found on the TV3 website, under CATCH UP TV -Melodi Ep 24, 15 June, Pt 1.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Urbanscapes 2008

We're giving you a 2-week heads up ok. Urbanscapes 2008, 28th June 2008. Joe will be there too so come!

Monday, June 9, 2008

F&N Freestylz Grand Finals Pictures and Joe Flizzow's Limited Edition Ice Cream Soda Can

Hey all. Just wanted to share some pictures of the event last Saturday. Did anyone here get to go? It was a pretty good event actually, kudos to F&N. For those of you who didn't get to go, you missed a pretty good day at the Curve. Lots of activities, freeflowing soda to get you hyper and rounded of with some good music from Joe Flizzow :) , Danny One and Meet Uncle Hussein.

Eight designers (finalists) got to display their designs on giant cans placed around the stage. That was pretty cool to see.Here are a few pictures of the cans, sorry we didn't take more of them! Below, the winning can by Sin Kok Pei who will now travel to Japan to experience the art scene there!

Joe performed with Kartel Hitmen's DJ Ceza and the B-boys, who were looking smart in their coordinated tees due to Joe whose always been particular about the way his boys are coordinated on stage.

To give away a KL cap, Joe asked the crowd which group DJ Ceza belonged to. Most replied Ahli Fiqir, however, he's also part of Stylustiks; a DJ trio that includes DJ Fuzz and DJ Uno. Ceza is also a member of Kartel Hitmen a DJ collective who run most of KL's top club nights.

Joe did six tracks for the crowd (three more than the original line-up) and much to their surprise, performed mostly new songs from his solo album - The President. Tip off- if you guys have been wanting to hear Joe's new music, the only way you will be able to do so is by catching his live shows. So come next time. We're always updating you on this blog where he'll be anyway so you won't miss it.

Apart from the performance and the announcement of the winning can design (one of the giant cans on display), another highlight was the unveiling of the limited edition soda cans envisioned by Joe, Danny One and Meet Uncle Hussein. Each artist got to represent one flavour. Joe appears on the Ice Cream Soda can, Danny one on the Sarsi and Meet Uncle Hussein on the Orange can.

Joe (above) giving away autographed cans to the crowd.

You can find the Limited Edition F&N Joe Flizzow cans nationwide

Signing caps to be given away. Joe gave out his State of Mine 'KL' caps to fans during his set.

B Boys and Joe chillin' after the show

The B Boys are always camera ready!

All in all, a good night for Kartel and Joe Flizzow. Thank you to F&N for inviting Joe to be apart of this campaign, its nice to see you celebrating creativity! Thank you to the people who were running the campaign - ground and beyond. Joe enjoyed working with you!

Friday, June 6, 2008

F&N Freestylz Finals at The Curve, Saturday 7 June

Catch Joe at the curve this Saturday supporting the Freestylz Grand Finals. Its basically a can design competition where the winner will get to travel to Japan and check out the art scene there. Pretty cool oppurtunity. Joe Flizzow, Meet Uncle Hussein and Danny One were selected as celebrities to support this campaign and if you make your way to the Curve this Saturday, you'll get to see them unveil special limited edition cans. Lots of things to do throughout the day, freeflow soda drinks & ofcourse performances from the three of them!