Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MTV Asia Awards in Malaysia

Just out officially today. MTV Asia Awards will be held in Malaysia. At Maison club this morning, they announced Celcom as its official sponsor. Read on about it in KLue write-up.

Joe Flizzow and Pop Shuvit attended as special guests for the press conference where MTV VJ Denise interviewed them to find out what they've been up to. No acts have been announced to perform as yet. More announcements will come in June. Stay Tuned.
Joe Flizzow, Pop Shuvit help officiate the partnership for this year's MTV Asia Awards
Denise introducers Joe as one of the special guests invited for the press conference

MTV Asia catches up with Joe and talks about the upcoming solo album.

Pictures courtesy of Miss Deeds aka daftness @ KLue

Friday, May 23, 2008

YZ International Bday Blowout at Zouk KL

Did you go to this?? You should've. Bumsquad's Latin Prince, DJ Fuzz, DJ Uno, DJ Cza of Stylustiks, Pop Shuvit's Moots and Joe Flizzow himself made special appearances for YZ International.

YZ International is an artist management firm owned by Yaniz Merican who originally started managing Hip Hop acts in the States before returning to Malaysia. Now based in Malaysia, she manages Pop Shuvit, Stylustiks and Joe Flizzow. She's also director of Operations (South East Asia) for the largest Worldwide DJ Coalition, Bum Squad DJz Worldwide and also manages CEO and Founder, DJ Latin Prince. She is the very person responsible for the breakthrough international collaborations between Too Phat and Warren G, the Teh Tarik Crew and Zion I, Pop Shuvit and Dabo of Def Jam Japan, Pop Shuvit and Nitro Y Fanta (US), Pop Shuvit and Big Pooh, Cesar Comanche and L.E.G.A.C.Y., Pop Shuvit and Inspectah Deck (Wu-Tang Clan), Joe Flizzow and KRS-One. Most recent to this achievement however was her involvement in bringing down Missy Elliot for the X Live event last weekend. Good things have happened for YZ International, all the more reason to celebrate!

Happy Birthday YZ! We have lots of pictures of you, but we know how you feel about public pictures!

From all of us at Kartel Records.

Below are pictures of Bumsquad's Latin Prince and Joe Flizzow.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missy Elliot gets KL

17 May 2008, XLive Festival, Genting Highlands. While the crowd was waiting for Missy Elliot's show to start, Joe was actually having some one on one time with her!

Here's Joe handing Missy his KL caps of different sizes (just incase). He also gave the caps to her dancers too.
Missy and the boys - Joe Flizzow and The Stylustiks.
Do you recognise him? This is Amar from Kartel Records. He was working for YZ International that week, looking after Missy Elliot and her entourage. In the picture above, he's seen getting the cars ready to shuttle the dancers from the hotel to backstage. It was a pretty stressfull week for him but he still manages a smile for us. Well done Amar for doing a great job!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mixology Launch, KL to Beirut Music Video

This is random but we thought we'd share.

DJ Fuzz's Mixology album launched last month, 24th April (Zouk Club) and was supported largely by the Hip Hop community. Read more about it here at Kevin Yeoh's blog. Apart from the album launch itself, the people in the club (if they caught on) might have noticed that there was an video shoot happening admist the partying like an all in one deal! The video was for Lebanese DJ Lethal Skillz' single called KL to Beirut track in which he collaborated with DJ Fuzz. The video was directed by Atomsk of Phuturephlow productions and features many cameos of Malaysian hip hop artists like Phlowtron, KLG Sqwad and if you're fast enough Joe Flizzow himself. Click here to watch the whole KL to Beirut video

Here's the "making of" of Joe's half a second cameo!:P

Nothing was planned, Joe got on the mic and took over Zouk's resident MC Fendi's job for a minute and the camera started rolling. (Atomsk in pink shirt) - Picture courtesy of Kevin Yeoh http//

One week later, its on You Tube!
Congratulations DJ Fuzz for Mixology 2!

Nice video Atomsk of Phuturphlow Productions. Check out the website to see more Malaysian hip hop videos.

Quiksilver Bali Open Pictures

Hey as promised, here are some some pictures taken by Joe's manager of the event in Bali last month. Joe Flizzow, Pop Shuvit and Stylustiks were invited to perform for Quiksilver's beach party held at the Hard Rock Hotel. This was to officiate the Quiksilver Open Keramas (30 Apr-6 May) competition. The show was on the 27th of April, unfortunately it rained that night so a lot of the crowd went for shelter during the performances but the guys had a pretty good time in Bali anyway!

Sound check Bali style!
"every sound check MUST be like this! Don't forget to insist on a swimming pool next to the stage..put it on my comfort rider yo!", says Joe to his manager Yaniz.

Some editing work before the show.

Hard Rock Hotel Beach Pool and performance area at night. Nice.

Pop Shuvit being interviewed

DJ Ceza, Fuzz and Uno getting their pictures taken.

Joe with the TV crew

The crowd were mainly surf dudes...

That's it from Bali. Keep on coming here for more Joe Flizz updates!
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