Thursday, December 27, 2007

Joe Flizzow - New Year's Eve 31 Dec 07

If you in KL on New Year's Eve....Joe will be making a special appearance/performance at the New Year's Eve Concert at KLCC.

More details will follow.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Live and Loud KL - Turn on the Pop

Sorry we haven't been updating lately! This is just brief post before we fill you in on more things from Kartel and Joe Flizzow. From Live and Loud KL-Turn on the Pop, 1st Dec 2007 where Joe performs to show support for the event which was organised by friend Reymee Hussein (former member of Innuendo). Joe was the only hip hop act in the local repoirtoire that included Noryn Aziz, Annuar Zain, Jac Victor, Lah, Mode and Azan. The night started with the local acts and was followed by Shaggy and Whitney Housten.

Picture by Daftness

DJ T-Bone and Big E were on the decks, while Phlowtron's Poi and the B-boys from SG fronted the stage with Joe. The KL b-boy crew weren't able to join this time round as they were tied up with a local breakdance competition that happened on the same day. Unfortunately for the boys however, they couldn't do much on the stage due to the wet floor as it rained.
Joe gets it done with Poi - Picture by Daftness

Joe performed several tracks from his old Too Phat albums among them Alhamdullilah, KL, Mariposa and Get it done - Force 1. He was surprised and pleased to see that some in the crowd already knew the Air Force 1 song too!

The crowd was good and knew most of the songs