Monday, November 10, 2008

Joe Flizzow on Latte@8

Joe talks to Jason Lo about his new album President, introduces brother DJ Iman (whom Jason likens to Barack Obama), his recent performance at Cipinang prison and his plans with Kartel records. Joe also performs Do It Duit at the end of the segment.

DJ Iman, "Yes We Can"
Joe Flizzow with DJ Iman performing his single "Do It Duit"

Thanks to 8TV for inviting Joe, particularly Rina Omar for giving it up!

p.s We tried to re-size this but did not succeed. If you want to watch it properly, go to, click on Catch Up TV on look for Latte8, EPISODE 13

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Joe Flizzow & ZOOM! Malaysia

Just a day back from Jakarta and Joe Flizzow is already hard at work at 7am, on Tuesday for the launching of Zoom! Malaysia's advertising campaign with mediaprima

Ming(KLG), Joe Flizzow, Noryn Aziz and Balan (KLG)
Joe Flizzow produced the thematic song, 'Zoom!' for the campaign which he features in with Noryn Aziz and KLG Sqwad. All three were there to perform the song at the launch as seen below.

Zoom! - Joe Flizzow feat Noryn Aziz and KLG Sqwad

Zoom! Malaysia is a Tourism Malaysia campaign, endorsed by the Minister of Tourism, YB Dato' Sri Azalina Othman which aims to promote and develop domestic tourism. Right now Tourism Malaysia is going through several advertising exercises to promote Zoom! Malaysia which was why they launched their advertising campaign with mediaprima yesterday (4th Nov) as TV3 and 8TV will be showing their support by running capsules (short videos) just before their news segments from now till March 2009.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cipinang International Hip Hop Festival 2008

This was truly HISTORIC event - a hip hop festival held in prison! Joe Flizzow with DJ Cza and MC Syze were invited to join this very special event. 

From far left: MC Syze, DJ Cza and Joe Flizzow

The event's unique prison set up attracted a lot of interest and was covered well by the Indonesian media. Here are some of the many articles we found online. There's lots more, just google Cipinang International Hip Hop Festival.