Friday, September 12, 2008

Message from Kartel:

"Kartello Hello!

The Kartel Administration is pleased to announce the successful launch of as of September 2008.

Head over to and sign up to be a member of the KartelloHello Network today.

As members, you will be constantly updated with the newest information regarding Joe Flizzow and the Kartel crew. You will also get the chance to interact and network with other fellow members. Build up your pages, post up your songs or videos and join in the various discussion as we usher in a brand new form of social networking in Malaysia.

Joe Flizzow's debut solo album titled President is set to be released in the near future with his first single "Do It Duit" already getting enourmous regional hype.

Thank you for your support. Kartello Hello!

Warm Regards,
David Tee
Kartel Records"


Lady Luck said...

Way to go. Long Live Kartel!

SkeezO said...

proud to have a malaysian rapper like a JOE FLIZZOW!!!! Holla Bro!!

Kartel Records said...

Thanks guys for the great support!

SkeezO said...

waiting 4 'the president'.. make it fast bro!!!