Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joe's interview on Melodi - Joe & F&N

We were told Melodi of TV3 featured Joe in last week's episode 12 June 2008. It was about the recent F&N event and of his limited edition ice cream soda cans (embedded below timecode 10.00 till end of clip).Just to be clear, Joe is not the ambassador for F&N although thank you Melodi for giving him the title! We need to be clear so that we don't offend the good people at F&N. Joe's limited edition ice cream soda cans were produced specially for their campaign "Unleash Your Art" which was a can design competition for grafitti artists.

Above: Joe talks about how good it was for F&N to be supporting creativity and grafitti art. He also talks about his solo album President, Malique's solo album and Too Phat. The original clip can be found on the TV3 website, under CATCH UP TV -Melodi Ep 24, 15 June, Pt 1.

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