Monday, August 4, 2008

MTV Asia Awards 2008

Some pictures we found on site. We'll upload some of our own when we get them. MTV Asia Awards was a lot fun actually. The red carpet was quite hectic, big ups to the mosh-pitters who made it so much fun for Joe! The actual show was quite enjoyable to watch (although they could do with a few international Hip Hop acts!). And the post-party, despite it being held at the hotel's food court, turned out to be alright in the end! Well done, MTV Asia.  Look forward to the next one! 

Thank You Louis Vuitton!

Project E.A.R (East Asian Revolution) made out of Dali from Ahli Fiqir(Singapore), Pop Shuvit, Saint Loco (Indonesia), Slapshot (Philippines), Silksounds & Thaitanium (Thailand). They performed a medley of Pop Shuvit's Freakshow and Merbahaya. It  was the best show of the night!!! The celebrities actually got up in the end to give a standing ovation! Moots even did some surfing which was crazy as there weren't many mosh-pitters in the front of the stage to begin with! Check out their performance at the MTV Asia Awards website.

More photos: