Monday, June 30, 2008


Hey all, here are some photos from Urbanscapes 08. As you know, Joe performed at Pentas 2 which was the indoor (and air conditioned!) performance area. It was side by side to the outdoor performance area (KL Pac Lawn), meant for live band performances. We like Pentas 2 though, as it was a good size for a gig-like Hip Hop set-up and had a good vibe to it. We only managed to catch a few of the acts earlier just before Joe's set which included the likes of Phlowtron and Altimet. Joe later performed a selection of fresh tracks, specially customised for Urbanscapes, a preview of his solo music and direction. Brother, DJ Iman was on the decks that day, his last show before he goes back to law school. The crowd although constantly moving in and out of the room gathered and stayed for Joe's set eagerly laughing and interacting with the season performer. A truly enjoyable performance with a "surprise mix" at the end (by DJ Iman) which saw Joe and the crowd chill out and vibe to the sounds Bob Marley's 'Jammin'. DJ Tbone, Joe's turntablist was there to watch Iman as he waited for his turn to spin with DJ Goldfish for Spaceship. Other performances after Joe included Arafah aka Arabyrd and Mc Syze who also gave great individual performances. Some pictures below. Apologies for the poor quality!

Before the show.
"My compulsive color matchin' always got you laughin"
Arafah aka Arabyrd
DJ TBone
Goldfish and Mc Syze
DJ Iman
Joe Flizzow works the crowd
Always nice to see it all in the family. Joe and brother Iman on the decks.
The crowd was great and was extremely responsive to Joe. Good vibes.

Out side, Lap Sap boys - Xu Tag and DJ Blink worked the crowd big time

That's it from Urbanscapes, Sentul West, KL. Thanks for having us!