Friday, December 26, 2008

REMIX adds flavor to your existing club nights

"Remix, is an event that adds flavor to your existing club nights. Bringing you mo hype, mo swag and mo music"

REMIX  created by Joe Flizzow and hosted by Kartelhitmen ( is designed to add more to an existing club night. The key to REMIX (and there is only one of its kind in Malaysia!) is  the fact that Kartelhitmen DJs and MCs will touring wherever it goes

Its all in the mix
On a REMIX night, you'll get not one but more like three Kartelhitmen DJS on deck to tear up your night as only they can. Superstar DJS T-Bone, Biggie, Cza will guarantee you not leave the floor whiles MCS like Syze and Fendi will work to pump up your energy levels to catastrophic heights.  Any clubber would know these names and the kind of music and sound they bring every time they're on, so you know its going to be some party everytime REMIX is added to a night! 

Joe Flizzow himself, will be heading up the line-up and is set to perform special preview performances  of his album, The President. 

Check out REMIX
Expect to see REMIX added to existing clubs nights in KL from December 08 onwards.  It launched last night (25th December 2008) at Maison KL with Remix presents Urban Republic, next event is TONIGHT (26th December 2008) with Lollipop Remix at Mist club. Remix your club nights!


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