Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do it Duit Official MTV

Kartello Hello!

Happy New Year peoples! Check out our latest music video, directed by Atomsky and produced by Phuture Phlow Films. Big shout out to Johor Tourism for the support!


Anonymous said...

malaysia best clip eva ;) cheers venomx from kekal manusia street team malaysia

ghetto_kidz00 said...

My man joe, this clip was the best malaysian vids man... great spot, nice girl, good technic, beautiful shot, the BOMB brother!!! Big ups to the Malaysian's Hip Hop Scene... Big up to u too dude... Awesome!!! Kartello Hello!!!

Anonymous said...

Baru pas tengok Mentor td.. Abg Joe nampak kurus la.. Nyway, all da best utk abg n protege.. ^^


Umie gg rabbit said...

1st commenta! aha..
Download this video truz....

safiq fikri said...

dude ,
i love to hear from u ,
but i wonder how could i get this lyrics ?