Monday, May 5, 2008

Mixology Launch, KL to Beirut Music Video

This is random but we thought we'd share.

DJ Fuzz's Mixology album launched last month, 24th April (Zouk Club) and was supported largely by the Hip Hop community. Read more about it here at Kevin Yeoh's blog. Apart from the album launch itself, the people in the club (if they caught on) might have noticed that there was an video shoot happening admist the partying like an all in one deal! The video was for Lebanese DJ Lethal Skillz' single called KL to Beirut track in which he collaborated with DJ Fuzz. The video was directed by Atomsk of Phuturephlow productions and features many cameos of Malaysian hip hop artists like Phlowtron, KLG Sqwad and if you're fast enough Joe Flizzow himself. Click here to watch the whole KL to Beirut video

Here's the "making of" of Joe's half a second cameo!:P

Nothing was planned, Joe got on the mic and took over Zouk's resident MC Fendi's job for a minute and the camera started rolling. (Atomsk in pink shirt) - Picture courtesy of Kevin Yeoh http//

One week later, its on You Tube!
Congratulations DJ Fuzz for Mixology 2!

Nice video Atomsk of Phuturphlow Productions. Check out the website to see more Malaysian hip hop videos.


RZman Gucci said...

KL to Beirut video was crazy, I really enjoy watching it. Man, Joe should have a better cameo but it was still alright.

Young Cali said...

Cool video