Thursday, May 22, 2008

Missy Elliot gets KL

17 May 2008, XLive Festival, Genting Highlands. While the crowd was waiting for Missy Elliot's show to start, Joe was actually having some one on one time with her!

Here's Joe handing Missy his KL caps of different sizes (just incase). He also gave the caps to her dancers too.
Missy and the boys - Joe Flizzow and The Stylustiks.
Do you recognise him? This is Amar from Kartel Records. He was working for YZ International that week, looking after Missy Elliot and her entourage. In the picture above, he's seen getting the cars ready to shuttle the dancers from the hotel to backstage. It was a pretty stressfull week for him but he still manages a smile for us. Well done Amar for doing a great job!


RZman Gucci said...

I like Joe's hoodie it look really nice. OFF the Chain. What brand is it.I think it is LRG or Zoo York but i am not sure.I also like Missy's adidas hoodie. Man,I wish I was there rockin' wit Missy :)

MisDeeds said...

hey rzman, missy bought that hoodie at the Pavilion Adidas Originals store. go out and get one son!