Tuesday, March 18, 2008

SUNBURST 2008 Photos

Okay so it rained at the beginning but people still came and were in good spirits. Joe's set started at 730pm, half hour later than scheduled. We have to admit that the sound wasn't great. We were told that the technicians were having problems as the system wasn't very stable at the time. What a shame too especially when the band started playing the "Showtime" which was full of energy but didn't quite made the impact we all wanted to see when all the mics for the emcees weren't working properly etc! Backup singers also faced the same problem throughout the set and because of that there was a lot of movement on the like switching of mics etc. Regardless, despite the sound issues, the show was good and we're so proud of Joe.

Big thanks to the hip hop fans who came to watch the show, those especially out in the front who showed so much love, appreciaion and support! To Joe's fans, friends and family....thank youuuu!!! Opening for the Roots was such and honour and thank you Sunburst KL '08 for inviting Joe and Kartel to be part of the event.
Joe's set was a showcase of Malaysian Hip Hop talent from Malaysia's number one DJ, T-Bone (Kartel Hitmen) on the decks accompanied by DJ Biggie (Kartel Hitmen) and DJ Iman to Phlowtron's Poi and Crazy Carleed, Reefa, KLG Sqwad and Terry Lee (Urban Exchange) who made up an impressive featured artistes line-up. Thanks also to the B-boys led by Azmi with a special addition of So You Think You Can Dance (Season 1)'s Alam. The best thing of this "showcase" had to be the fact that three blood brothers were on stage performing together. For those of you who don't know this about Joe, he has two other brothers who are also musicians in their own right. Ashraf is in a band called Sakti (Kartel Records) and Iman aka DJ Iman is a turntablist. For the showcase however, Ashraf supported Joe by being part of the backing vocals and was featured during 'Mariposa' while Iman played alongside DJ T-Bone and DJ Biggie and was featured at the beginning of the set.
Here are some pictures, taken by us or friends who sent us copies! Thank you! Enjoy!
DJ Iman and Biggie setting up for the show

Joe later came to check out the set-up. He basically worked with The Kartel crew while he was in tour in China last month to get everything organised for the show. No easy task considering that a band was involved.
Moots, Ean and Adam from Hitz.fm gets the crowd excited as they introduce Joe

B-Boys having fun on the stage

With Phlowtron's Carleed (left) and Poi (right)

Photo above courtesy of Johan Farid Khairuddin

"My brother", exclaims Joe as he introduces Ashraf the the crowd.

Joe seen above from a different angle introducing his brother Ashraf (Sakti), 3rd from left. Here he's doing his solo part during 'Mariposa'. Above picture courtesy of E.Thomas

Above: Joe's younger brother DJ Iman on screen!

With KLG Sqwad perfoming "Freedom"

Joe performs with Urban Exchange's Terry Lee.

The only video we managed to take on this camera before the batt went out! Sorry the quality's not great.


ameer said...

nice one kartel!
i wasnt there coz im having my exam this week. huhu

lovetronix said...

i was there! the performance is better than the ones during the new year!
the sound was clearer.
but joe's still need more stamina.
it was great.
but if he can hold a concert for 1500 people by himself, it'll be great!
dosent need a big stage, hold a small concert to gain back the old fans first before the release of the album.