Monday, March 17, 2008


We're so excited to post this one up. Joe's featured in Japanese magazine - Pop Asia. It's a 3-page coverage. Journalist ASA AGESHI was down in Kuala Lumpur last year and interviewed him on his views on Asian Hip Hop, State Of Mine Caps, Too Phat and his solo career. Thanks Asa. Great spread! Also featured are friends Pop Shuvit. (Also featured on their page :))

Other local celebrities featured are Annuar Zain, Faizal Tahir, Afdlin Shauki, Pierre Andre selected as representives for the Malaysian entertainment scence.

We're getting this translated for you all so come back for that.

Pop Shuvit


ameer said...

wow cant wait for the translated version!

Anonymous said...

Joe Flizzow is going big internationaly. From Australia, China,japan and many more. I hope THE PRESIDENT is coming out in North America, so I could buy it.

ameer said...

cool! are u malaysian?

come on viewers!
give cmmnts!

K.L said...

Yes, I am Malaysian but I live in Miami now for high school. Joe Flizzow is one of my fav rappers of all time. When Joe's new album comes out, could some sell it on ebay so I could buy it. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Why did you leave out Pop Shuvit when they're right on the next page in the magazine?

Kartel Records for Joe Flizzow said...

Hey Anonymous (19th March, 1.53pm)We wanted to post up the full article along with Pop Shuvit's feature once all is translated is all. You've obviously have read the you know what exactly has been written?? Let us know if you do. Thanks!