Friday, February 1, 2008

Quiksilver Revolution Tour 2.0

Here are some pictures we took from Yaniz (Joe's manager) of the recent Quiksilver Revolution Tour 2.0. Among the performers that day were: Joe Flizzow with DJ Iman, Pop Shuvit & Stylustiks

Above: The crowd during the show was rawkin!

Above: Joe being interviewed by MTV BLOC

From Left: Balan (KLG Sqwad), DJ Uno, DJ Iman, DJ Ceza, DJ Fuzz & Vic Jamm

From left: Joe Flizzow, DJ Ceza & DJ Fuzz

Above: Stylustiks

Above: Pop Shuvit

Above: Brothers hang out before the show - DJ Iman and Joe Flizzow (Picture courtesy DJ Iman)

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