Thursday, February 21, 2008

Joe Flizzow Tours China in Feb & March 08

One of the earlier tour posters/flyers

Joe Flizzow continues internationally as he joins the "Bacardi Mix and Match Tour 2008" in China this February and March 2008. Its basically an Asian hip hop tour which include the likes of Terry Lee (Singapore), Jason and Blake (Taiwan) and Emcee Jin Jin who toured in January with the group (New York) but will not continue on this March. Joe completes the group for February and March 08 with Poi from Phlowtron as his hypeman.

We just got some photos from Joe of his first stop in Shanghai last Friday (22nd of Feb) .The Tour heads to Guang Xhou and Cheng Du next so keep coming back for some pictorial updates from Joe!

Shanghai, Feb 2008

Event poster (middle)

The crew just before showtime

Joe and Poi performing at the club

"It's cold in China right now but we're killin' it in the clubs.." Joe Flizzow

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super cooooollll!!!
do take some video n more pix ya!