Monday, October 29, 2007

Recharge Revelation 2007

Recharge Revelation with friends Bangkok Invaders' DJay Buddah, DJ Ono and MC Dandee, Stylustiks, Latin Prince at Freedom Electric. Joe Flizzow, part of the night's line up performed "Get It Done -Force Ones". Some pictures below!
Left: Joe Flizzow

Crowd shot.

Joe and T-Bone on the screen

Latin Prince sets-up

Latin Prince with Joe

Stylustiks takes the stage.

With Bangkok Invaders (MC Dandee, DJ Buddah and DJ Ono)

"BKK to KL - United, one love"
(Joe with Bangkok Invaders' MC Dandee, DJ Buddah, DJ Ono)


Anonymous said...

x bgtau awal2 joe perform...
i had miss his prfrmnc...

Kartel Records for Joe Flizzow said...

Sorry bro! Joe got invited last minute. Joe will be in Live N loud, Dec 1st.