Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Love your city", State of Mine

Last August we wrote a short post on Joe Flizzow's KL Cap. (Read here). We told you to expect more from him...well two months on, we're proud to present you.... STATE OF MINE CAPS by Kartel Clothing. Read the official press release below.

"Love Your City", State of Mine

This is the tagline for Joe Flizzow’s new brand under the Kartel Clothing called ‘State of Mine Caps’.

It all started with the birth of the KL cap, back in 2005. A cap to commemorate Joe’s love for the city and the country. It was a cap that was only the beginning of Joe Flizzow’s idea of unity. The KL cap represented pride “Love your city, represent where you’re from, be proud of who you are”. The KL cap was just the start to a bigger picture.

Two years on, the KL cap can be seen everywhere. Worn by locals and foreigners alike, preferred now by youngsters over the ‘LA’,‘NY’ caps usually worn as fashion. The KL cap has made its point.

Joe Flizzow presents the second phase to his vision under one brand called ‘State of Mine’. A vision that drives home the idea that no matter what race, background or age, you are, you can stand united with a cap. Love where you come from, be proud of your country and show it by holding your head up high and wearing it.

“Love your city”, State of mine

Special edition KL caps

To launch ‘State Of Mine’, special editions of the KL cap have been designed complete with signatures of authenticity. In colors, black and white, the special edition KL caps are trimmed in gold with the map of Malaysia on the sides of the cap. There are three hologram stickers for each cap, with two labels on the inset to tastefully mark its authenticity.

Keeping State of Mind Caps Authentic – It’s all in the details
An authentic State of Mind cap comes with three hologram stickers, customized Kartel Clothing labels on the inset. All caps are produced exclusively for Kartel Clothing of the highest quality as Joe Flizzow would not having anything less. State of Mine caps are legally protected from “unauthorized reproductions”. Support original Malaysian products.

KL Limited editions are available in 5 sizes – 6 ¾, 7, 7 ½ and 7 5/8

‘State of Mine’ caps are available at Echo Park, Tropicana Life, Extreme branches in the Klang Valley as well as online at More sales points will be announced in the near future.

Giving back
This is a community project as much as it is entrepreneurial. Joe believes in giving back to his community, knowing full well, that without the support of the people of Malaysia, his success in his music endeavors (Too Phat) would have never been possible. As he has seen the nation support him as a young man, Joe intends to “give back”, by donating part of the sales of ‘State of Mine’ caps to orphanages or youth organizations to help the younger generation grow as he did.

The idea is that with every cap purchased from ‘State of Mine’, part of the proceeds will be donated to aid children of Malaysia. Currently, ‘State of Mine’ is working with the necessary organizations to make this happen.

For more information please contact us at:

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to buy both of them especially the black one Rollin'20 colors.They look Hot

Anonymous said...

What Joe is doing for the orphanages or youth organizations is great.

Anonymous said...

how much is this?
when is it gonna be one stores?

Anonymous said...

Selamat Hari Raya ya All!

Kartel Records for Joe Flizzow said...

Thanks for the comments!

The caps are on sale now at RM69. Outlets as listed above....or just visit to shop online.

Rauff said...

Be aware too that there is a company in Ireland with the name of Kartel Clothing as well Joe.

Just giving you a heads up.

BTW, the caps are DOPE~!

Anonymous said...

Whattup pimp daddy..entering new level i must branding i suppose? What happen to phatcap? Anyhow, good job dude :-)