Monday, September 24, 2007

Joe Flizzow in's "Table For Four"

Awhile ago Joe Flizzow was invited by to have dinner with them for their regular article called "Table For Four". In Table For Four, the writer, Erman Akinci invites three local celebrities, personalities or friends to have to have dinner with him and talk about subjects of interest to him. So, Erman Akinci invited singer Camelia, DJ Gabriel and Joe Flizzow to talk about the Malaysian music scene. This is was was said about Joe,

"I found not only a passionate artist but also a savvy businessman to boot. His
knowledge of his art & his craft really impressed me along with his deep insight into the challenges of merging hip hop culture with mainstream Malaysian culture. What he said to me towards the end really made an impression. Joe: One thing I love about rapping...hip hop is more, it has the ability to really send a message. He can say that again."
Check it! August Vol2 Issue: August Issue Vol2
Camelia, Erman(writer), Joe Flizzow and DJ Gabriel after dinner.

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