Sunday, September 16, 2007

Flanegan Bainon photograph's Joe Flizzow in Australia

Joe's not back yet from Melbourne, but we've got some pictures for you through our new friend/photographer Flanegan Bainon. He's a 1st year photography student at RMIT, who wrote to us last week to help him contact Joe in Australia to ask if he could photograph Joe. Within a couple of days, Flanegan got his hook up with the Kartel crew in Oz! Joe then invited him to a function held for university students in Melbourne where he was able to document the night. The party was on a boat. You can read Flanegan's personal account of the whole thing at his own blog Joe Flizzow Kartel-o Shuffling Melbourne yo~. Flanegan if you're reading this, best of luck at university and don't forget to call us whenever you come back to Malaysia!

We've posted some additional pictures sent to us. All by Flanegan Bainon.

Joe Flizzow and DJ T-Bone against the city of Melbourne

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