Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Music video for 'Haru Biru' : Joe Flizzow and Ali - '1000 Verses'

Just a heads up. Joe Flizzow has collaborated with Roslan Aziz in his latest production (Haru Biru soundtrack). He has recorded a single called '1000 Verses' for the soundtrack which will also feature Ali. Joe has also just finished taping its music video that will also star lead actor Que Haider, Ali and Roslan Aziz himself.

Directed and produced by Atomsk from Phuture Phlow The video is currently in post-production and will be released very soon, so watch out for it! Meantime, some exclusive behind the scenes pictures just for you!

Testing light and framing

"I'm just going to let you go bro, just flow", says director Atomsk

Atomsk aka Atom checks his footage.

Roslan Aziz aka Abang Lan stayed to watch (kacau!) Joe as he shoots his scenes

Joe's done, now watch the video!

Photos owned by Kartel Records


Anonymous said...

when is the song gonna be on the radio?
will the blog viewer be the first one to hear it?

Kartel Records said...

We will be getting a heads up from the Phuture Phlow as soon as its done. Perhaps later this week!

ameer88 said...

thanx!! weee cnnt wait for it!! anyway im ameer, on of the moderators in phatforum.. thanx again =D

Kartel Records for Joe Flizzow said...

Thanks for your support Ameer!