Monday, October 18, 2010

Velassaru, Maldives

Whattup guys,

Well aight.. i know its been close to 10 months since my last post, but hey, with Twitter, Facebook and all the spam you get in a day from BlackBerry Messenger, I know ya'll can forgive me. Its been a crazy year so far for Kartel Records, and its all starting to pay off right now. Look out for Sakti, Ila Damiaa, SonaOne and Altimets releases all coming out real soon. We've also got the Made Men compilation dropping which will also feature Richard J, MicBandits, Thaitanium and Dandee. Watch this space.

Recently though, I managed to get away from the KL hustle and grind for a show in, paradise! Thanks to my management YZ International and the wonderful people at Universal/Per AQUUM Retreats, together with Stylustiks, I was invited to perform at Velassaru, Maldives.

I've got to say that I've heard so much about Maldives prior to this trip, but nothing could have prepared me for the beauty that I was about to witness. We got hooked up with the a real 'ballin' villa right above the ocean and I swear to you I jumped into the sea from my balcony, the minute I got up in the morning, EVERYDAY during my stay there. LOL. Here are some shots that we took for ya'll.

The Stylustiks party only happened on the 4th day of our stay, and it was rocking! Big shout out goes out to all the guests that joined in on the fun and also to everyone that came to the island just for the event.

The party was off the hook! Stylustiks was on point as usual..while I was jumping off the podium every 5 seconds to get on the floor with the crowd. Maldives was most definitely a high point in 2010...and the only way it can be topped, is to go again! Hahah...after all its only a 4 hour flight! One Love Velassaru!


Anonymous said...

Looove this!!! :)


liyana aziz said...

wow,, seems you have a really great time is it?? nice one.. =)

Anonymous said...

fcuk dawg!

From the ordinary Joe Coney Dogg back in the 90's till the extraordinary Joe Feez at present!

I can see life's good for yah, you've grown Fat and here's drinking for 2011!

Cheers brah!

Keep rocking them beats yo!


Junisha KT

Kyra Hasman said...

nice view ! :)

Stairway to heaven said...

The best among the best,,,,thumb up to you bro...kamu sangat idol ...;-)