Tuesday, October 13, 2009

XBerry Party At Sunway Pyramid

Kartello Hello! Whats good peoples? Aight for real this time, I'm back on the mutherloving blog and this time we here to stay. I promise ya'll that I will blog about each and every event/show that Kartel Records will be involved in the future. Real talk.

Now back to the matter at hand, last Saturday, the XBerry Party was held in conjunction with the launch of the 8520 Curve which went on sale for rm888 on that day only.

I got to say that the phone looks pretty tight, I managed to get a closer look as my brother DJ Iman and B Boy Flip copped a couple for themselves. I wont trade it for my Bold though, but I got to say the track pad that replaces the ball might just function better in the long run.

Anyways, I had a blast performing at the event, the sound system sounded fairly good (which can be quite rare in KL ) and my Subang peeps were there to rock it out in the crowd. DJ Iman was with me onstage and Kartel's shining star, SonaOne spit a couple of verses on the last two joints before we wrapped up the show.

Shoutouts to everybody that came through and helped make it a memorable night! Peace! And props to www.budiey.com.... i had to grab that pic man. Thank you!

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fizzicoholic said...

hi joe...maju terus..............best 4 u...........