Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Approximately 800 people turned up for the Unity Concert in Klang last Friday. The show started a couple of hours behind schedule due to the crowd who only started coming in after 6pm (understandably so seeing how the traffic was quite manic). Props to the Klang crowd who were received all acts with enthusiam. The concept of "unity" amongst all races was felt that night through music; the uniting factor. It was also nice to see "young" acts being able to perform on one stage with the more seasoned acts like MC Syze, Fabulous Cats, Altimet, Sasi The Don, Reefa. Such oppurtunities should be made more available to them with more events like such as this in the future. Hosts, KLG Sqwad, Klang home favourites, put up an entertaining show complete with pyrotechnics. We hear that Unity Concert is already planning for a second event so keep an ear out for that which should be tighter and better than its debut. Joe performed at about 11pm to a supportive and appreciative crowd. It was a special night too as we saw Joe's brother Ashraf perform with his band Sakti while younger brother DJ Iman came on as Joe's turntablist. Here are some pictures, didn't get to take pictures of all the acts unfortunately so we're justing posting these up.

Above and below: Joe's brother Ashraf (lead) performed with his band Sakti. Sakti is under Kartel Records.

Brother, DJ Iman (left) plays for Joe while DJ Biggie looks on (right). Behind them MC Syze gets ready to come join Joe on stage.

Joe & MC Syze
Additional pictures below courtesy of 'Yash Almighty' (see comment section). Thanks!


Yash Almighty . said...

I got pictures of u from Unity, if u want them I'll pass it to u via email or something. So yeah, awesome performance that night.

Kartel Records said...

Great! Email them to kartelr@gmail.com


Yash Almighty . said...

Haha thanks for posting them on ur blog :D