Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hey all! I hope you had a great new year's eve! As for Joe Flizzow? He couldn't have asked for a better way to end the year with a live band performance of 'KL' at KLCC Park. It was an awesome night spent with some of KL's best singers and musicians. Roslan Aziz and ALI, Ella, Noryn Aziz and Ning Baizura were just some of who performed in the concert.

Here a some photos from us to share with you all. To Joe's family, friends and fans from Too Phat who continue to support him with his efforts....we'd like to send a big heartfelt THANK YOU. Your words of encouragement and belief has helped us all at Kartel and with Joe to continue the vision. To great things for 2008. The chapter continues...
Brand new KL Limited Editions just waiting to be worn
Joe's B-Boy's led by Azmi, arrived just in time all the way from having just finished a show in Singapore.
Joe and Phlowtron's Andika playing Scrabble while waiting to perform.

Joe performs 'KL' with Andika

Joe's wearing his personal line (Kartel Clothing) ...yup from cap to suit. The crowd were crazy for the B-Boys!

And went even crazier when the guys threw the brand new KL limited edition caps at the end!

We even found one of the people who caught it! An Ella fan too!
And here is Ella and Noryn Aziz hanging out with Joe backstage. This was after he had finished performing his first song, KL and was waiting to go on again to perform 1000 Verses with ALI after the countdown. It was a long wait in between!
Right after countdown, ALI (Mukhlis and Roslan Aziz) performed a set and was joined by Joe who entered from the center of the stage to perform 1000 Verses.
Joe is always happy to perform with Roslan Aziz or Abang Lan as he calls him. At the end, as always, all performers got on stage to bring home the concert. Hijau was the song performed to end the show. A good song to remind us to keep our world natural and beautiful.

Hope you enjoyed our short photo blog. Expect more from Joe and Kartel! Happy 2008. Be good to yourself and each other. Love.


Anonymous said...

Countdown 2008@KLCC - Joe Flizzow & Kartel Crew - KL

Anonymous said...

Countdown 2008@KLCC - ALI & Joe Flizzow - 1000 Verses

ShaolinTiger said...

Just to let you know I posted some shots of you and your crew from Live and Loud.

You can find them here:

Joe Flizzow and M8 with Jaclyn Victor

I updated your Wikipedia entry a bit too and added a better picture.

Kartel Records for Joe Flizzow said...

Hey Thanks!

ameer said...

joe flizz, mmg gempak bile live tapi alamak mlm tue pancit la..
nampak sgt..
ask him to go to the gym 3days a week, an hour is enough..
just for the stamina..
trust me it'll work!
do this before he releases his new album!