Monday, August 6, 2007

Get It Done (Force Ones)

We've been getting a lot of requests for lyrics to Get I Done - Force Ones single.

So here it is, just for you....from Joe Flizzow, Kartel Records

Joe Flizzow ft. Young Ariff Get It Done (Force Ones)

Verse1 (Joe Flizzow)

My white on whites lookin real
6 other pairs that I keep on Ice, (woah)
Top shelf (woah) all rare, (woah)
Matching colour cap for every single pair, (woah)
It ain't a lie, y'all see why,
I stay fly even when i dont try,
I must confess (no) i'm heartless (no),
Coppin size tens till they aint none left,
(Yeah) y'all hold ya breath everytime I break em out,
Watching my feet like it was a stake out,
Check em out, Check em out,
Cos there aint that many,
Limited edition Nikes one of twenty,
Low cuts, plenty, Mid cuts, many,
When I hit the court prefer the highs than the semis,
Numero uno El
In my Air Force Ones, call me JFK


Ya'll know how we gets it done,
Laced up in our Air Force Ones,
If you love it ladies do the run,
Get it done in ya Air Force Ones


Verse 2 (Joe Flizzow)

Sneaker pimpin aint easy,
Got so many kicks on ice, that my closets is freezy,
Cream on chocolate, ladies love em,
Witnessing a level of style that they aint accustomed to,
Got the LV customs too, Guccis got em,
Extra pair just to bust em,
A dozen in my suitcase at the airport customs,
Tighten the laces of my "fresh out the boxes",
Schoolin these dudes how to properly rock em,
See my kicks is whiter than when i probably bought em,
Premium Pixie, Premium Citrus,
Frankenstein, Halloween,Cartoons, Stashes,

Ya'll cant believe it, peep my Undefeateds,
Ya'll can't miss in these pairs of West Indies,
Its Joe Flizzy, Kartel I be bossin,
Watch me operate in my operate in Air Force Ones man


Verse 3 (Young Ariff)
Gimme all
fruity colours, tasty lemon limes,
with the ill greens lookin like mint on the side,
Cream is white on whites, steppin sorta outta sight,
Crispy clean sheen for any crumbs than wanna bite,
Pull your tongues out, taste the flava berry red ,
to all the Nike heads,
that stay laced to go to bed,
Wake up fresh to death brushin gums and grooves,
As it moves near the shades of each pair is like new,
Anything on the shelf will pay the coldest price,
All imported so precise,
Stayin sharp is the vice,
i dont need to tell you twice,
Know we bold selectors wreckin every section,
puttin soles on ice,
Run the town, pound the ground,
Kill a sound, wid me Air Force Ones,
All around, slack up de dance,
Bringin fiya, with the illest colours,
Steppin Razors, with changing laces,
Don't check mi size with any lightweight stuff,
Clear the way up, we comin blazin,
Cuttin dubs up with our Air Force Ones,

x 4