Monday, January 1, 2007

An introduction to 'Joe Flizzow - The Chapter Begins..."

Hi everyone.

Thought we(content providers for Joe Flizzow blog), should write a small note to introduce this site to you.

This is in short, a customized blog for Joe Flizzow. A simple tool, used to keep everyone updated on his music, ground events, shows, appearances etc.

The information in this blog have been obtained from several resources; some online articles related to Joe Flizzow for example, have even been added as links to this site.However, majority content originates from us, that include photographs. Do refrain from "right-clicking" them. You can always write to us for your pictorial needs!

Do drop in from time to time as we do get Joe visiting this site often and will occassionally contribute some of his own content.

We hope you will enjoy discovering the many facets of Joe Flizzow as his story unfolds . The chapter begins...

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